Licensed System Installers



The Fit.msi is a windows installer which will extract and install our product on your system. Once installed, you will have a Fit.exe available in your StartMenu which you can use to start the application. You connect to the product from your browser. It should connect automatically the first time you run it.

Windows 64-Bit (Recommended)

Installing Multiple Instances on Windows

Each windows installer will only allow you to install one instance of the product. Below, you will find packages to install 2-4 instances. If you need an additional or custom instance, please contact us and we will be happy to create one for you.

Windows 32-Bit (Instance 2)

Windows 32-Bit (Instance 3)

Windows 64-Bit (Instance 2)

Windows 64-Bit (Instance 3)

Windows 64-Bit (Instance 4)

Windows 64-Bit Itanium (Instance 2)

Installing On Windows 2003: There is a DEP feature with Service Pack 2 that stops our installer from installing directly, without permissions.

The best solution is to add our program to the list of allowed programs in the DEP settings using the following instructions:
1) Download the FitInstall.exe to your machine. Say c:/FitInstall.exe
2) Click Start, click Run, type “sysdm.cpl” and press OK
3) On the Advanced tab, under Performance, press Settings
4) On the Data Execution Prevention tab, turn on “DEP for all programs and services except those I select” to use the opt out policy and add to add our program to this list of exceptions. Then add our program to the list. (ie: Add c:/FitInstall.exe)
5) You should not be able to install FIT as normal.

All Systems: FIT was written in JAVA. The only requirement to run this software is a Java VM. You should be able to type “java -version” and see the version of Java that is running on your system. You will need version 1.5 or better for the system to run. Larger Fit systems can benefit from the new JRockit JVM which will take advantage of 64bit memory addressing.