The Healthcare Supply Chain Is at Risk

Hostilities in numerous countries coupled with sanctions against various nation states worldwide have coincided with supply chain interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to trigger the ‘perfect storm’ for all industries, particularly the healthcare sector. The need to deploy software tools, policies, guidelines, and procedures with which to:

  • investigate, negotiate, update, and document vendor and sub-contractor contracts;
  • transform the supply chain;
  • procure components from new vendors; and, many other activities, highlights the critical need for the healthcare industry to establish the following efficient and cost-effective practices:
    • risk identification;
    • risk analysis and rating;
    • risk categorization and quantification;
    • risk tracking; ¤ risk cost estimation;
    • risk remediation strategies and tactics; and,
    • regulatory requirements reporting.

The Alcea Tracking Solutions (ATS) platform coupled with the RiskMgr Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) connector software, provides clients with a proven, appropriately priced, efficient toolset with which to effectively manage valued assets (digital, physical, and intellectual), security controls tailoring and assignment, required evidence collation, risks mitigation, remediation planning and administration; and, regulatory agency report responses, ie: HIPAA, HITECH, and NIST.

We all know how a common approach to recording, tracking, and reporting risks has historically been achieved using spread sheets, which are very ineffective, so why not take a few moments and find out what we do for you, using our comprehensive software platform to eliminate the need to use mind-numbing spreadsheets.

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