Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

Ensuring your supply chain is critical to the health of organizations and managing them is more important now more than ever.

How can you ensure the health of your supply chain?  A structured approach using Alcea RiskMgr SCRM will help you classify, track, identify, manage and mitigate risks associated with Supply Chain Management.

Mitigating supply chain risks means ensuring that every risk is classified and tracked and a risk register is at your fingertips.  If a breakdown of the supply chain occurs, plans will be in place to inform all team members in real-time.

Here are a few questions we get asked about SCRM:

Q: Can I manage both digital and physical assets with RiskMgr SCRM?

A: Yes you can! All risks associated to your supply chain are recorded all in one place so that you don’t have to chase down information from various systems.

Q: Why have a Supply Chain Risk Management Plan?

A: A supply chain risk management plan is a strategy to speed response to as many circumstances as can be predetermined so as to minimize disruptions to the supply chain if they were to occur.

Q: What are the main supply chain risks?

A: Top 8 supply-chain risks are:

  • Global trade wars
  • Raw material shortages
  • Safety recalls
  • Climate change risk
  • Tougher environmental regulations
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Cargo theft
  • Container ship fires