Centralized Knowledge and Information

Store information in a central, accessible repository. This information can then be accessed using Alcea’s powerful search and filtering tools — so people in your organization can get to the information they need when they need it.

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One Software, Unlimited Tracking Solutions

Alcea IssueTrack is a tracking platform that gives your organization the ability to effectively collaborate, increase productivity and ensure that your business processes are being followed to resolution.

Manage Issue Progression

Alcea’s workflow rules assist in the progression and prioritization of reported issues.

Realtime Project Reporting

Highly Flexible Configuration

Just some of the customizable elements of your personal or system dashboard

Reporting and Charting Tools

Managers and decision-makers can measure the status of an issue or project based on reports defined by you, all in real-time and completely web-based.

Powerful Search and Filtering

Quickly allow users to access information stored in your system, which becomes a powerful knowledge base.

File Attachments

Attach any type of file to an issue for reference, to share with team members or to include as support material.

Custom Security Settings

All communications with your users are routed through the system, keeping submitters, assignees and other interested parties updated through email notifications.

Track Communications

Updating an issue means that everyone who needs to see the progress of an issue gets updated via email notification.  Configure security settings to isolate who sees and updates what.

Straight-Forward Setup

Most systems are installed in less than 5 minutes and are fully configured and operational within an hour. Supports an unlimited number of concurrent users.

    See What Alcea Can Do for You

    Try your tracking solution free for 14 days and learn how it can help you save time and achieve more with less risk. We will configure a customized proof of concept to your specifications, so you can test-drive a full-featured system right away.