“We were looking for a web-based tool where we could manage issues raised by our customers. We needed to be able to manage several projects at a time, while ensuring that each project’s data was only visible to the responsible parties from that particular project. We also needed to have the ability for colleagues to collaborate on issues raised and manage the workflow of each issue from inception to resolution, while providing powerful reporting. We love that Alcea Tracking Solutions allows us to maintain a history of each issue and provides accountability for all team members. Alcea Tracking Solutuions has helped us manage our Customers more effectively and the service Alcea provided was very supportive. Our system was up and running quickly, filling a gap that Salesforce was unable to do.”
Ian MacCuaig, PMP, CISSP, President, Customer Success at Survalent

“Our daily operations has many moving parts covering multiple locations that require specific and detailed logs of activity. Eliminating excessive emails and hand-written logs was a major goal, as well as creating a trail of actions being taken. We needed relevant personnel to keep updated automatically, via automatic notifications, regarding operations and maintenance to avoid risk. We use Alcea’s software on a daily basis to create logs and work orders, that ultimately ties in our operations team in the field. We are now able to keep everyone updated on a central platform and hold everyone accountable. Since everything is tracked with a unique identifier, it is very simple to reference any issue when needed to mitigate risk. Any requests we had, the Alcea team made sure they fulfilled them along with offering any advice or tips that could make our programs more efficient. The ability to email the support group and receive a response back in a quick manner is very nice. If one of the Alcea team members could not jump on a task for us right away, they made sure to get another member to help us out.”

Staton Hoover, Measurement Analyst, WaterBridge

“We currently have 3 of Alcea’s tracks which are used by multiple departments within the City of Reno. These systems keep track of several types of events and/or issues happening in various departments. We also use it to track issues happening on our Financial System’s software. It keeps me organized with the solution and by going through the history we can resolve similar issues on the Financial System quickly, thus reducing risk. My personal experience working with the Alcea team is very good. I get help promptly when I need it. Alcea’s support team and their support team is efficient and works till the end with patience until the issue is 100% resolved.”

Sharmila Bagchi, Senior Systems Analyst, City of Reno NV

“AdvanceFirst needed a support ticket system that could log queries / issues. We needed to be able to allocate different issues to different team members and keep a close eye on how long resolution took. Producing reports to present to our Management team on a regular basis was also important. Alcea Tracking Solutions has helped us a great deal as we are now able to organize our queries efficiently and effectively within the team and provides us with the reporting we require. Working with the Alcea team is always very easy and very quick.”

Hailey Oliver, AdvanceFirst Technologies

“ND Group was looking for a system to handle work assignment, load balancing, project management, workflow capability, automated assignment based on business rules, identification of recurring issues/risks, and historical change control. Alcea Tracking Solution’s system fits the bill for all of our requirements. The system tracks the workload of the entire IT department. We developed database reports to provide transparency and visibility to business stakeholders enabling them to prioritize future projects and have insight into on-going projects and risks. This system enables the business to make sound decisions on which projects bring the most ROI and provides a platform for focus for Project Leaders. Alcea’s support team is helpful and knowledgeable. If their solution or work around was not readily available for a workflow scenario, they made improvements to cover it in future releases. When an issue arose involving performance, they worked diligently with us to identify the problem and provide resolution.

Helen Pettersen, ND Group