Enterprise Risk Management for Today’s Connected World

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Manage operational risk, security, governance and compliance more easily with RiskMgr

RiskMgr is a powerful web-based platform for managing issues, risks and responsibilities – and for tracking action from inception to resolution. Rich in features and custom-configured to fit your business, it provides real-time risk tracking and promotes effective team collaboration. RiskMgr handles all types of risks in any organization and includes robust customizable reporting – with no need for IT support or expertise.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Once focused on a handful of industries, regulatory compliance now impacts virtually every organization. RiskMgr helps monitor and respond to privacy and data issues as well as audit, human resources, legal and contractual requirements.

Security Risk

Our digital world delivers power – and vulnerability. Cyber security challenges are deeply interwoven with operations, governance and compliance. RiskMgr offers structure and support for IT security risk assessment and management.

Operational Risk

Organizations thrive on smooth-functioning systems, procedures, policies and people. Yet there are always risks: commodity prices can skyrocket, supply chains may stall, key people depart. With tools for anticipating, assessing and mitigating operational risks, RiskMgr helps build organizational resilience for weathering operational storms.

“ND Group was looking for a system to handle work assignment, load balancing, project management, workflow capability, automated assignment based on business rules, identification of recurring issues/risks, and historical change control. Alcea Tracking Solution’s system fits the bill for all of our requirements. The system tracks the workload of the entire IT department. We developed database reports to provide transparency and visibility to business stakeholders enabling them to prioritize future projects and have insight into on-going projects and risks. This system enables the business to make sound decisions on which projects bring the most ROI and provides a platform for focus for Project Leaders. Alcea’s support team is helpful and knowledgeable. If their solution or work around was not readily available for a workflow scenario, they made improvements to cover it in future releases. When an issue arose involving performance, they worked diligently with us to identify the problem and provide resolution.”

Helen Pettersen, ND Group

What Makes RiskMgr the Right Choice

For risk managers, project managers, analysts or others responsible for security, insurance, audit or related areas, RiskMgr saves time, connects teams and helps you realize your objectives:

Proof of Concept

Starting with a free Proof-of-Concept demo, you work with a fully customized version of the RiskMgr platform, configured to match your specifications and meet your organization’s needs.ent Goes Here

Ease of Use

RiskMgr is designed for ease of use, requiring only a few hours to learn how to use its complete range of features.

Valuable Extras

The RiskMgr platform includes valuable extras: a Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Issue Track, Case Track and superior customer support are all included.

Implement Without Technical Resources

You can implement and use RiskMgr without technical resources, so you don’t have to wait on help from IT to get started.

As a SaaS solution, RiskMgr offers flexible, cost-effective pricing.

See What Alcea RiskMgr Can Do for You

Try Alcea RiskMgr free for 14 days and learn how it can help you save time and achieve more with less Risk. We will configure a customized demo to your specifications, so you can test-drive a full-featured Proof-of-Concept right away.