Alcea RiskMgr – CSRAM

Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Management (CSRAM) is the process used to record, analyze, evaluate, test, and examine engagements, using either in-house or contracted risk assessor specialists and using the traditional combination of convoluted spreadsheets, word processing software, and disparate records management systems.  Alcea clients concur about challenges they faced performing these activities.  This prompted Alcea to configure our pre-existing case management / tracking software platform to enable our clients to optimize their activities while performing CSRAM activities on:

  • internal software DevSecOps initiatives
  • on-premise (on-prem) infrastructure (including private cloud) services
  • off premise (off-prem) cloud services
  • direct deployment / customization of third-party commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) software

Enterprise Risk Management for Today’s Connected World