This top 5 is but a small list of distractions we face each and every day in our workplaces.  Working from home has created a whole new view on avoiding distractions.

  1. The social media black hole.  We need a little break, so we open up our favourite app and before you know it, you have wasted precious time watching others get stuff done while your tasks remain.  Time on social media should be limited and monitored, and left for those times when you are off the clock.
  2. Saying Yes to everything.  If you have more to do than you have time, you need to take a look at what you are saying yes to and how much time it will take to accomplish your tasks.  Although a noble thought, saying yes to everything actually creates overwhelm and can turn your mood fast.  Learn to say No.  Be nice, but be firm.
  3. The Squirrel Syndrome.  Bouncing from idea to idea makes it so much more difficult to focus any of your ideas.  Write down your ideas for review at a later date.  You may even find that if you let some ideas sit around, they may not sound as exciting when you revisit them.  Jumping around makes it hard to bring any of your ideas to maturity.
  4. Stop trying to fix everyone’s problems.  Focus on your own problems.  If you are trying to single- handedly hold the organization together, you will end up sacrificing yourself in the process.
  5. A To-Do List for the ages.  If you are a list maker, chances are that you have a VERY long list of to do items.  This list is fine to keep filed away, however, you need a DAILY to do list with no more than 3 items on it at any one time.  When those tasks are done, you can add to it but having more than 3 can becoming overwhelming and kill your focus.

Distraction and focus go hand-in-hand.  Take a few moments to re-evaluate your circumstances.  Making just a few changes can increase your productivity and your mental health.

Although we can’t help you not do your laundry during the work day as you work at home, we can provide you with a system to help your organize your tasks and increase productivity and collaboration.  Book your discovery call at