To get the whole picture of risk within an organization, there must be an effective tool to compile and present a very clear picture of all risk, its impact and who is responsible for what.  Growing risks related to threat and vulnerability, regulatory compliance requirements, IT functions and technology related risk must have a collaborative system in place where multiple operational groups can coordinate and monitor these integrated risk management efforts.  Adherence to policies, standards, and governance risk compliance as well as threat and risk assessments are catching the attention of executive teams now more than ever.  Reputations and business survival is at stake.  Integrated Risk Management is now at the forefront and is more important than ever, Alcea RiskMgr has comprehensive reporting features so that everyone from management to the Board of Directors will know the full scope of outstanding issues, priorities, and remediation timelines.

With so many areas of risk, from IT to Operations to Cyber Attacks and Governance Risk Compliance, are your risk compliance efforts in one collaborative location and looking beyond today into the future?  Do you have the proper controls in place to manage all levels of risk?

Alcea RiskMgr allows teams to take control of their risk management in one easy to use platform.  Get in touch with us to see how we can help you get your Integrated Risk Management up to speed.