How prepared was your company for the radical shift in operations due to COVID-19?   Business continuity and tracking business risks showed all types of companies, big and small, how important these processes are.  While reading the many articles about business survival for those affected by COVID-19, I was happy to see that the importance of tracking business risks is coming to light.  One statement that stood out was from EDC which read:

“All sectors of Canada’s economy are affected by COVID-19. And the virus will likely be a fact of life for some time to come. That means you’ll have one more business risk factor to address. Analysis, context and data will be critical to mitigating risk and dealing with uncertainty during this period.
– EDC TradeInsights, Apr. 21, 2020

Alcea Tracking Solutions (ATS) is a highly configurable tracking software platform that can be up and running quickly, right when you need it most.  We know that every company has different tracking needs and that is why we are different.  We can configure a system to meet your exacting needs and get rid of your pain points.  Some of our customers, like the City of Ottawa, PGA Tour and European Space Agency (just to name a few), are using ATS to track threats, risks and risk mitigation procedures while others are using it to track internal issues.  We even have customers who are using ATS to track municipal issues (think potholes and graffiti).

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