A Great Leader is one who has the knowledge they need to ensure that their team is productive and accountable for their tasks without micro-managing them.  Trust and appreciation are key, but how can you as a Leader show genuine appreciation for their work when you have no idea what is going on?  Furthermore, how can you show great leadership if you are unaware of potential issues.  Staying in the loop in real-time is essential for ensuring the success of your team.

As a Leader responsible for the outcome of a multitude of tasks and issues, distributed amongst multiple team members, it can get tricky.  This is why a task/issue management system is so important.  Leaders can see the progression of tasks from inception to completion and catch any potential snags which may put the entire project into jeopardy, right away.  It is far better to deal with any threats to the project before they even have a chance to cause chaos.  Waiting for something to happen will end up increasing the project cost as well as the stress levels of everyone involved.

The heroes of the team are the ones who were able to avoid disaster by having excellent insight into the project tasks and timelines.  Combining Alcea IssueTrack and Alcea KnowledgeBase is the perfect solution to lead your team to all be Heros.