The importance of finding great partners to help each other’s business is paramount, especially for small to medium sized enterprises. It’s a win-win for both companies, it provides both businesses with new customers and a completely new knowledge base from which to build new business from. So how do you make this work to the benefit of both parties? Its simple, have a Communal Knowledge Base where information can be easily shared, accessed and updated.

Knowledge Management systems must become an essential part of partnership as both parties have no control on the other’s employee turnover and are unable to help customers quickly when the expertise falls in their partner’s line of business. Having everyone’s knowledge at hand decreases the time that employees take to search for information, and it enhances the decision-making process by simplifying access to knowledge.

Alcea KnowledgeBase can give you exactly what you need. Get a no obligation free proof of concept to see how we can help you manage your corporate knowledge and enhance your partnerships.