Tracking tasks, issues and especially risks is of the utmost importance when it comes to effectively running your business. Who is responsible for what, what is the status of each item, and what do you do if something goes wrong? Spreadsheets are ineffective and can frustrate your team members leading to poor morale, lowered productivity and lower job satisfaction. As well, a tracking system that is too complicated is also a deterrent to regular use.

Look out for these 3 indications that you need a more effective tracking solution.

  • Your team is struggling to prioritize and focus
    Your team is faced with something new, or an influx of tasks– how should they proceed? The solution is to stay organized and ensure that team collaboration is as easy as possible. In order to provide your team the means to organize and stay focused on the tasks at hand, an effective tracking solution is a must. Consider a system with a personalized dashboard to allow them to quickly review tasks, priorities, notes and changes that are relevant to them.
  • Your Means of Managing Tasks is Too Demanding
    Does your current tracking solution demand too much time, administration, or training? You may not even realize how much time everyone is wasting. Keeping things simple and easy to use is key.
    If your IT group is busy and you have to wait to receive assistance from them, or you find yourself discussing the inefficiencies of your current solution in meetings, it’s probably not the solution for you. Consider a solution like Alcea Tracking Solutions that is simple to use and a breeze for the assigned Administrator to maintain.
  • Lack of accountability
    A system with a clear workflow, well defined fields and auditable ticket history ensures that everyone is on the same page and everyone is accountable for their specific tasks.
    If your system is tailored to your needs, each step in your workflow will have intuitive, corresponding fields to populate, as well as notifications and queues based on date & time. Accountability will be that much easier.

Communication is key, and having an effective and simple system that defines the processes, tracks progress in real-time and holds team members accountable in a very collaborative environment, makes things that much easier.