Having a solid disaster recovery plan is essential in in order to prepare for, and reduce the effects that a disaster can have on your business.  Careful planning helps minimize loss and stress, should the unthinkable happen.  This became all too real for our company when a major flood closed our offices down for almost 6 months!  We were not allowed access to our office space for months until it was deemed safe.  Living in the cloud meant that we had access to ALL resources necessary to continue to operate our business without missing a beat.

Identifying risks that your business could face and defining measures to prevent and/or resolve situations should they arise, ensures that all employees are on the same page in the event that things go wrong.  In the event of disaster, a real-time tracking software that exists in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and implementation of emergency measures can begin immediately.

Do you know how your business would fare should a disaster happen?  Have you figured out all possible risk scenarios and how to deal with them?  Where is this information recorded and do all employees know where to turn to?  Unfortunately, studies show that 40 to 60 percent of businesses wouldn’t survive a catastrophic event because they failed to do proper risk assessments and have the necessary information accessible.