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The support team offers a wide range of services and support tools to enable flexible solutions and prompt technical support to our valued customers globally.


Because of this flexibility, our customers are always discovering and coming up with ways to improve functionality or add more.


Alcea Technologies provides issues management and resolution solutions to businesses. 


We guarantee your satisfaction with our products and strive to develop long term relationships with all of our customers.

Our Company

Established by IT professionals, FIT, under the Alcea Technologies Inc. corporate umbrella, has been providing premium software solutions since 1997. Our flagship product, FIT Tracking Solutions, is a market leader in issue management software. This versatile platform is quick to install, easy to use, and simple to customize to fit your organization’s purposes.

One Software Unlimited Solutions

What makes us different? In addition to meeting our client's IT staffing ad hoc requirements, Alcea's Software Division develops creates and markets off-the-shelf software for straight resale worldwide. FIT Tracking Solutions is an industry leading, web-based business process solution software with unlimited uses, such as cases, documents, records, etc. We use FIT to track our recruiting efforts! Want to get FIT?

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FIT Tracking Solutions provides issues management and resolution solutions to businesses. Rich in features, these issue management solutions enable users to know in real time, the current status of all management issues and their key performance metrics, which allows them to make effective management decisions. More about issue management.